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  Back Yard Boat Building!
This web-site is for those who want to build their own boats and enjoy the outdoors.
I am an amateur boat builder with 38 years of cabinet and woodworking experience.


PS  to see all the boats I've loved before click HERE

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The building of Fas N 8
The building of the little skat boat.
Skat building project.
completed 4/28/2011
Finished boat facts:
work commenced  6/14/2007
$10029 materials (including trailer/engine)
595 Man Hrs
float test         6/14/2009
current boat project
completed 9/11/2011

HEY! Let's build boats together!            Pat
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Eufaula OK, 2011 Mess-About
Since it is official that I am cute, I demand equal publicity of my boat building skillS.

K D Perry
building of the Kiwi PDR